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Cost savings with our empty leg flights in Hennef

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With our empty leg flights you save up to 75% off the regular booking price. Empty legs are known as empty flights or repositioning flights. Empty flights can occur, for example, when you return to the base. Would you like to know more about our services or get advice on this offer? Then give us a call today, or send us a message using the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you in Hennef!

Empty Legs


DateFromToAirplaneSeatsTotal Costs
12.09.2021FrankfurtParisPiaggio Avanti II64.800 €
12.09.2021StuttgartPalma de MallorcaCessna Citation CJ466.920 €
12.09.2021BremenKopenhagenCessna Citation Bravo63.890 €
12.09.2021BremenOlbiaCessna Citation XLS79.600 €
12.09.2021BremgartenGenfCessna Citation CJ143.100 €
12.09.2021BerlinNizzaCessna Citation XLS79.500 €
12.09.2021BerlinIstanbulCessna Citation VII68.100 €
12.09.2021MykonosHamburgCessna Citation CJ4612.900 €
12.09.2021BerlinParisPhenom 30074.500 €
13.09.2021Palma de MallorcaStuttgartHawker 400XP611.450 €
13.09.2021BremenMalagaPhenom 300710.350 €
14.09.2021BerlinZürichCessna Citation M245.690 €
14.09.2021Palma de MallorcaStuttgartPhenom 300713.400 €
14.09.2021NeapelHamburgNextant 400XTi611.300 €
14.09.2021MünchenAkureyri Cessna Citation XLS713.000 €
15.09.2021AthenStuttgartPremier I614.800 €
15.09.2021MetzMünsterCessna Citation Mustang47.150 €
15.09.2021KölnZadarCessna Citation XLS75.900 €
15.09.2021CannesDüsseldorfCessna Citation Excel77.000 €
15.09.2021CannesDortmundCessna Citation CJ144.500 €
16.09.2021ZürichDüsseldorfCessna Citation XLS74.500 €
16.09.2021ParisHannoverFalcon 900EX127.800 €
16.09.2021East MidlandsBerlinCessna Citation XLS77.985 €
16.09.2021FriedrichshafenBelgradCessna Citation XLS79.900 €
17.09.2021MünchenPalma de MallorcaCessna Citation X810.250 €
17.09.2021MengenPerugiaCessna Citation CJ144.300 €
17.09.2021FrankfurtWienChallenger 30087.300 €
18.09.2021HannoverEast MidlandsHawker 400XP65.085 €
18.09.2021Palma de MallorcaStuttgartCessna Citation Sovereign89.550 €
18.09.2021MönchengladbachMailandPiaggio Avanti II66.210 €
18.09.2021NorwichDüsseldorfBeechjet 400A64.400 €
18.09.2021OxfordStuttgartCessna Citation Sovereign85.600 €
19.09.2021MünsterLinzCessna Citation Mustang47.999 €
19.09.2021ParisEmdenCessna Citation CJ145.000 €
20.09.2021Mnichovo HradisteBremgartenPilatus PC-1265.100 €
20.09.2021KölnFarnboroughFalcon 900B1214.900 €
20.09.2021BremenIbizaPhenom 300710.975 €
21.09.2021InvernessDortmundCessna Citation CJ265.400 €
21.09.2021DüsseldorfMailandCessna Citation CJ366.480 €
21.09.2021MünchenNizzaCessna Citation Sovereign86.520 €
21.09.2021HamburgIbizaCessna Citation XLS79.999 €
21.09.2021BerlinParisPilatus PC-2467.990 €
22.09.2021DüsseldorfGrosettoCessna Citation CJ365.490 €
22.09.2021PisaBremenPhenom 30077.150 €
22.09.2021NizzaStuttgartCessna Citation CJ366.200 €
22.09.2021Palma de MallorcaDüsseldorfCessna Citation Latitude79.150 ,€
22.09.2021EmdenParisCessna Citation CJ145.000 €
22.09.2021GenfBerlinCessna Citation CJ145.350 €
23.09.2021DortmundCannesCessna Citation CJ464.900 €
23.09.2021MünchenKölnCessna Citation CJ144.200 €
24.09.2021NürnbergMiamiGlobal Express XRS1272.600 €
25.09.2021BerlinNizzaPiaggio Avanti II67.990 €
25.09.2021KölnWienCessna Citation Mustang49.000 €
25.09.2021Palma de MallorcaBremenCessna Citation XLS79.999 €
25.09.2021MünchenWienCessna Citation XLS73.250 €
26.09.2021AthenMünchenCessna Citation XLS718.100 €
26.09.2021DüsseldorfIbizaCessna Citation CJ366.900 €
26.09.2021AmsterdamStuttgartCessna Citation Sovereign84.900 €
27.09.2021DüsseldorfKorfuCessna Citation Latitude69.999 €
30.09.2021FlorenzDüsseldorfCessna Citation CJ366.100 €
01.10.2021StuttgartNisCessna Citation CJ367.390 €
01.10.2021Palma de MallorcaHamburgCessna Citation CJ149-600 €
04.10.2021HamburgFaroPilatus PC-24611.000 €
06.10.2021HamburgIbizaCessna Citation CJ2610.450 €
06.10.2021DüsseldorfPalma de MallorcaCessna Citation Latitude79.150 €
08.10.2021BerlinNizzaCessna Citation CJ266.250 €
09.10.2021BelgardDüsseldorfCessna Citation XLS79.400 €
10.10.2021DüsseldorfFlorenzCessna Citation CJ367.100 €
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Cost saving flights

We help you save costs

Would you like to fly with a private jet and save money? We offer empty-leg flights with private planes at particularly affordable prices. Empty legs are called empty flights or repositioning flights. These occur when the aircraft only has to carry out a one-way flight and then has to fly back to its destination airport in order to carry out a new flight order there. If you are looking for an empty leg flight, you can save up to 75% of the usual charter price. A selection of private jets with a high level of comfort is available for this service. Wherever you are, wherever you want to go, we will take you there! Fast, safe and comfortable. As a long-standing provider of private jets, we know the wishes of our customers and guarantee the implementation of your trip according to your wishes. Save up to 75% of the regular booking price with our empty leg flights!

Are you interested in an empty leg flight? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Beyond Private Jet Charter GmbH is an experienced partner for empty and repositioning flights. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That is why we offer our customers individual, free and non-binding advice in which all questions can be clarified. We look forward to hearing from you!

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